Picking the Right Raleigh Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Case

Entrusting another with your legal matters, which have the potential to seriously impact your future, can be a daunting task. Who will treat your case with the care and professionalism that they would treat their own? Under the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution, you are entitled to a fair and speedy trial. You are also entitled to be defended by a criminal defense lawyer in Raleigh. If you cannot afford representation, the government must provide you with a qualified attorney at the public’s expense. In order to navigate our complex legal system, qualified representation is a must. But, how does one determine the best fit for his or her case with the limited time frame that is often allocated for such?

The process for electing the best counsel for your case is as personal as choosing a pair of shoes. While public misconceptions may lead one to believe that it is best to avoid public defense, if at all possible, this is not accurate. You might be provided with a public defender that is perfect for your case; you might hire a lawyer who is not. The key is to know what to consider as you evaluate your options. Following are a few points to contemplate as you make the decision:

  1. Consider the attorney’s area of expertise and how it aligns with your case. A criminal lawyer and a civil lawyer, for instance, work daily with very different areas of the law. While one may be knowledgeable in multiple subjects of law, it is pertinent to ask what he considers his area of expertise. Within each subject of law, are a multitude of topics. For example, a criminal lawyer may divulge that he is particularly accustomed to trying larceny cases, rather than assault cases.
  2. Note the case record of the attorney that you are considering. While it is unethical for counsel to guarantee results, you might still ask what is his or her rate of success has been with cases similar to your own. How long has he or she been in practice? Understand that dismissal of charges is the not the only way in which a lawyer may be successful with a case. In some instances, dismissal is not an option, but the attorney is able to secure lesser sentencing or parole.
  3. Be sure that you feel comfortable communicating with the attorney. While you might be appointed a Raleigh criminal defense lawyer with considerable experience and a remarkable case record, a marked difference in your personalities may result in you finding it difficult to communicate with him or her. Open, honest communication between the lawyer and client can be the difference between a positive and negative outcome. Your relationship with your counsel should feel like a partnership. You should feel that you can trust the individual to handle your case with fidelity; the relationship between client and attorney should be one of mutual trust and respect.Even with the guarantee of confidentiality, it can be difficult to divulge personal information. Depending on the seriousness of your case, you may not be inclined to trust another individual with the facts of your case. However, in order to equip your lawyer with the necessary tools to develop the best possible defense, you must do so. Otherwise, you may be limiting the possibility for success in your case. Therefore, employing a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable should be one element of your search.

In closing, do not jump to conclusions about the value of a public defender versus a hired Raleigh criminal defense attorney. The quality and effectiveness of a lawyer is largely dependent on your individual case and the relationship between the client and counsel. Like most things in life, pick the lawyer with whom you feel most comfortable.