Equitable Distribution

What is Equitable Distribution?

We know that going through the process of a divorce is, generally, a very stressful time and it can be overwhelming. Nick Saparilas is an experienced Raleigh Equitable Distribution Lawyer and is here to alleviate some of that stress with his expertise.

One of the terms you may hear when discussing your divorce or separation with friends or your lawyer is Equitable Distribution. What is Equitable Distribution? It is the division of the marital property in a divorce. It does not necessarily mean equal division, and ownership does not automatically split fifty-fifty. Rather, the distribution must be fair and just. It is an elaborate and complicated part of any family law matter. All property, both real and personal, needs to be classified, valued, and divided; this applies to debts as well as assets. This can be accomplished through negotiating a Separation Agreement or proceeding to a trial.

Representation for Negotiation of Equitable Distribution

We have experience in crafting the absolute best negotiations on your behalf. Our Raleigh office is skilled in negotiations and we understand the particular tactics your case demands. When negotiations break down and a resolution is not accomplished, we are qualified to take your case to trial. If you are looking for a Raleigh Equitable Distribution Lawyer, Nick Saparilas will handle your case with the care and professionalism you expect. Fill out the online contact form below or call (919) 832-2280 to schedule your free consultation today.