Raleigh DWI Lawyer Gives Advice on Safe Driving

During the summer of 2012 the North Carolina State Highway Patrol investigated more than 270 deadly vehicle crashes. Each July 4th, the Governor approved “Booze It & Lose It: Operation Firecracker” campaign is activated in an effort to minimize alcohol related accidents during holiday travel. As a DWI Lawyer in Raleigh, we know that you can expect to see regular patrol and checkpoint activity stepped-up.

Today’s drivers have many more distractions than our preceding generations. Electronics and technology are now prevalent in almost every vehicle on the road. Gone are the days of our grandfathers’ advice to keep your hands in your lap and to quietly look out the window or read a book so the driver can concentrate. There are games being played on every device, music blasting from different areas of the car, telephone conversations contemporaneous with one another and GPS directions being shouted in a voice that always seems to have an odd accent. All of this commotion can make the driver’s job extremely difficult and take him/her away from their task at hand: Driving and doing so defensively. Knowing that almost every vehicle on the road includes these types of distractions is a bit overwhelming.

As a Raleigh DWI Attorney, we know that alcohol and other intoxicating substances don’t fit into this equation. Many individuals share the belief that they can drive safely after enjoying some cool beverages in the hot summer sun, after we’ve had some burgers and fresh vegetables off the grill. The truth is that we are already distracted when driving and although we don’t believe we are inebriated, it’s much safer to cab it or call a friend for a ride. It doesn’t have to be your driving that will land you in a situation with handcuffs and a court date in your near future, or in an accident. The idea of calling a friend for a ride is much easier to entertain that calling for bail money and dealing with all the potential problems that could arise if arrested and charged with a DWI.

At Saparilas Law we strongly encourage you to drink responsibly. We are a DWI Lawyer in Raleigh with years of experience. If for any reason you should find yourself in a situation where you are face to face with law enforcement, please remember that everything you say and do while in their presence will be used against you in court. Closely follow the directions of the officer with requests for license or registration. Field sobriety tests are not designed to be easy for a sober individual to complete; it is advised that you don’t attempt these types of tests. Telling an officer that you’ve only had 1 or 2 beverages isn’t going to help your situation, respectfully remain silent. The simple truth is that these are all parts of evidence that the State will want to use against you in court.

If you should find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having been charged with a DWI or any other alcohol related charge and in need of a Raleigh DWI attorney, please contact us or call our office for a free consultation at (919) 832-2280.