Substance Dependence and Drug Related Crimes in Raleigh

Substance dependence is complex and affects all facets of an individual’s life. An altered state of mind can lead an individual to make decisions that he might not otherwise make. Subsequently, one might find himself in a situation pending conviction or sentencing. Cases involving illegal substance abuse should simultaneously consider the delicate nature of addiction. Some drug cases may even benefit from a psychiatric evaluation of the defendant(s).  Unfortunately, North Carolina General Statutes do not always recognize the interconnected nature of offenses committed relating to or during one’s struggle with intoxicants.  A compassionate Raleigh Drug Offense Lawyer will represent all aspects of the case and the individual as it best befits the client.

Regarding drug related crimes, there are multitudes of charges. Said charges range in seriousness from “simple possession” of marijuana or cocaine to “trafficking” charges. Trafficking occurs when a person possesses, sells, delivers, or transports an illegal substance and it is over a certain amount. Trafficking charges are the most serious of all drug offenses and, unlike many crimes, there is a minimum mandatory jail sentence associated with each charge. Some cases and charges are more finite than others. For instance, prescription pain pills are drugs for which the legal lines are unclear.

As with any legal matter, it is imperative for the individual to be adequately and knowledgeably defended by a Raleigh Drug Offense Lawyer. The Unites States and North Carolina court systems take drugs very seriously. Any individual fighting a drug case should be certain that he has the representation that will result in the best verdict for his case!